A look at what each top 6 team needs this summer – Arsenal, Man United & Man City


A PNG of the Arsenal Logo who compete in the English Premier League

A rapid winger and a couple of strong center backs.

Alright, for Arsenal to challenge for the Premier League we need to change a lot about them.

They are going to have some trouble recruiting since they only have a reported 45 million pounds to spend in the summer. First on the list would be 2-3 CB’s that are commanding, strong, and tall. For this, I would recommend someone like Jonathan Tah. At 6’4″ and 213 pounds he is a force to be reckoned with and he has had 3 and a half seasons of top-flight football with Bayer Leverkusen (Leno’s old employers) and has been starting there since he was 18. Now 23 years old I think he can make the step up to a Champions League challenger in Arsenal and prove what he is made of. 

In terms of other defenders, Arsenal can look at would be players like Rugani from Juventus and Diallo from Borussia Dortmund. Chelsea is also very interested in Rugani and he has been a good defender so far for Juventus after 3 and a half seasons with the bianconeri. At 24 years old and 6’3″ with an excellent passing range like many defenders in the Serie A he can also be a good snap up the Arsenal. Diallo is an interesting prospect as he can play well as a fullback on the right and a center back. Arsenal was linked with him before Dortmund snatched him up at the beginning of the season this year for 25 million pounds and he has been well worth the money for them starting every game as a right back. A highly-rated graduate of the famous AS Monaco youth team should immediately put him on the radar for big clubs to snatch up and he can provide to be a valuable asset to play on the right for Bellerin cover and a tactile center back beside Sokratis or Holding.

Now, even though Arsenal has the likes of Nelson and Smith-Rowe on loan it will be good to have some competition with the teenagers so I would recommend players like Leon Bailey from Bayer Leverkusen or Nicolas Pepe from Lille. Arsenal may be outbid by the likes of Chelsea and Barcelona who are also interested in the Jamaican so I am going to focus on Nicolas Pepe for now. Pepe has lit up Ligue 1 with Lille this season with a goal involvement in almost every game. He is extremely fast down the right wing and a threat in front of goal too with 17 goals and 10 assists in Ligue 1 so far. If Arsenal waits another season to snap up the Ivorian he is going to be on another top side by then or they will be priced out of a move so it’s better to try for him this season. So, what do Arsenal need this summer? Can they even afford to purchase anyone or would it be strictly loan moves? Let me know your thoughts on the Arsenal situation in the comments!

Manchester United

A PNG of the Manchester United Logo who compete in the English Premier League

A right back, a center back, and a fast winger.

Manchester United has a lot more money compared to Arsenal so my recommendations here are going to cost a lot more than the previous ones. In terms of a center back they have been heavily linked with Kalidou Koulibaly from Napoli who would be a good signing but the best signing. Don’t get me wrong, Koulibaly would be fun to watch in the Premier League but he would cost around 100 million pounds and he is turning 28 this summer. Instead of Koulibaly but staying in Serie A I would recommend Milan Skriniar from Inter Milan. He has been brilliant in the Serie A for 3 seasons now and he has stepped it up a level after switching from Sampdoria to Inter. At 24 and 6’1″ he is also very strong with his stature and is an excellent passer of the ball. He would be an amazing addition to Man United’s backline. 

I think there is only one option here for Manchester United and although it may seem far fetched it might make some sense too. The player I am talking about here is Jadon Sancho. By now you probably heard of Sancho but if you haven’t then boy have you got some highlights to watch. This kid (18 years old) has absolutely blown up the Bundesliga with Dortmund after he moved from Man City to them for just 7 million pounds this summer. Since then has blown that fee out of the water by being valued at 70 million pounds now. He has contributed to 24 goals in 34 games for BVB and is the next top prospect with rapid pace down the right wing and twinkle toes to boot. After Mbappe the next teenage sensation is arguably Sancho so even a price tag like 150 million pounds will look like a snip even 3 years from now if he continues his form if he switched Dortmund for Manchester.

Although Man United has Dalot as a long-term solution for right back they will need another one as Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia are slowly aged out of the squad. The perfect replacement for them would be Aaron Wan-Bissaka. AWB has had an amazing debut season playing for Crystal Palace this season and at 21 years of age has caught the attention of the biggest clubs in Europe including Bayern Munich and city rivals Manchester City. He has the most amount of successful take on’s in Europe’s top 5 leagues and has only been dribbled past less than a dozen times in 30 games. Needless to say, he is the top prospect for full back in the world with Achraf Hakimi close behind. Who do you think United should snatch up this summer? Let me know your list in the comments!

Manchester City

A PNG of the Manchester City Logo who compete in the English Premier League

A replacement for Fernandinho.

It’s silly to think that Manchester City NEED a player after they broke the record for most amount of points by a Premier League team last season along with being the favourite to win it again this season but they do actually need a Fernandinho replacement. Fernandinho was very much the unsung hero in their winning campaign last season. As everyone was singing the praises of De Bruyne and David Silva, and rightly so, they failed to see the true mastermind of the midfield. Fernandinho has had an amazing career since Pep has come into the team and it shows since they lose a majority of the games he isn’t in the side. With the number of tackles he wins, interceptions he makes, passes he puts forward, and smart analysis of the game he has, he is slowly ageing out of the squad though Pep still plays him the most he can. At 33 years old it looks like he only has another season or 2 left in his belt so who can replace him?

The best answer to this question would be Adrien Rabiot. Rabiot is free to leave this summer after pissing off the PSG board too much and since Barcelona has signed De Jong as their new starting midfielder for next season it looks like they won’t be needing Rabiot’s services. This opens the door wide open for Man City as they can get him on a free transfer this summer as a replacement. The 23-year-old is a big presence in the middle of the park at around 6’3″ which makes him a powerful person to battle with. Not to mention he hits the top of line stats in terms of passing accuracy, successful dribbles per 90 minutes, pressure regains, tackles won, deep progression passes, and xG build up. If it wasn’t for his attitude or his agent (that has since been fired) he would be starting every single game for PSG or moving to a club of that stature.

Another fun suggestion would be Ruben Neves from Premier League side Wolves. The  Wolverhampton squad has been playing Neves every game so far and his passing range is incredible if you have ever watched him. At 21 years old he might be a bit too young and ill-experienced to be playing as a starting player in a Premier League winning side but being the youngest captain in Champions League history at 18 years old with FC Porto has provided some maturity for Wolves player. He also has some fantastic free kick skill on him along with good tackles and interceptions numbers. If he continues to play like has been recently then he could very well move to a top side in a few seasons. So, does City really need to buy a player or can they shift someone like Fabian Delph to that deep-lying defensive midfield role? Let me know what you think should happen in the comments!

Closing Remarks

That’s it for this blog but stay tuned to this space as next week I’ll be posting the second part of this blog where I discuss what Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham need. If you missed last weeks blog on a quick look at the top 6 sides in the Premier League than click here. If you have any other suggestions of what Arsenal, Man United, or Man City need this summer then let me know in the comments. Until next time…bye for now!

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