Hello and welcome to my blog website! On this website I will be posting a plethora of blogs and news related to, you guessed it, the English Premier League and the teams within the league. Not only will I be creating blog posts for this website but I will also be posting on social media frequently with updates and my opinion with what is currently happening or trending within the English Premier League.

I will touch on each of the top 6 teams including: Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham. I will also talk about other teams in the English Premier League that can provide some upsets such as Wolverhampton Wolves, Leicester City, West Ham United, and other teams that will be battling for a Europa League place.

An 8-bit style hand in a finger point formation pointing at a large blue button with the word "comment" on it. This is in reference to leaving a comment on my weekly blogs about the English Premier League

Along with myself providing opinions and situations on the English Premier League I also want to emphasize that this blog will also focus on engagement heavily. That means I want these blog posts to be something and someone you can have a conversation with not just read. In any case, head over to the blog section just above and come read and comment on everything in the English Premier League. 

The content of the blogs in the future include anything from providing you with the past weekend’s matches and what I thought of them, an in-depth look on some teams within the English Premier League and how they can take the next step to clinch a championship, a look at how famous managers within the English Premier League are fairing and what systems and players they use to perfectly execute the system.

If you want to know more about me personally then head over to the about page but, other than that, I hope you come along with my journey within the English Premier League and have some conversations with me along the way!